Ascend Amphitheater Address


Ascend Amphitheater,
310 1st Avenue South,
TN 37201,
United States


For those preferring public transportation to Ascend Amphitheater, the Nashville MTA provides a direct bus service that connects you to the heart of the city. In other cases, taking a cab offers a stress-free way to arrive. Cyclists are also welcome, with multiple bike racks available along 1st Avenue.

REMEMBER: Public transport in Nashville near to the Ascend Amphitheater, at the times of large events can often be busier than normal. Please plan accordingly.

RECOMMEND: Use a taxi or Uber. By far the easiest and most direct way to travel to Ascend Amphitheater ar Riverfront Park.

DRIVING: Please read the Ascend Amphitheater parking information for your parking options. Allow plenty of time to brave Nashville traffic, park and walk to the entrance.